How Can I Help You / Spiritual Healing

 Spiritual Healing

Please contact me for an appointment.

Most of my healing work is done via the internet.

Please feel free to bring a chaperone with you for all visits.

I am a member of the Healers Trust formally “NFSH”.
Spiritual Healing complements conventional medicine by channelling life energy to the patient in order to help them recover from illness, injury or distress.
Spiritual Healing is now beginning to be recognised in the west but in the east has been acknowledged for thousands of years. ‘Chi’ and ‘Prana’ are two of the better-known names for these energies. The simplest way to describe it is the ‘life force’. Spiritual Healing energy can be directed by the healer’s consciousness and may flow through the hands of over any distance. This spiritual energy can help speed up the natural healing process of the body and improves recovery time.
It has been used to combat serious illness and the effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  Spiritual healing is a natural energy that flows through the healer to the recipient. You do not have to believe in it for it to work and although we believe it comes from the “Creator the source of life” no religious faith is required. It is a natural energy that most people have to some extent which can be used alongside conventional medicine. With all complementary therapies, it depends on the individual as to how many visits you might make to receive healing there is no timescale or limit to the Healing.  “Everybody can be helped, not everybody can be cured”.  Healing does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult your GP for an acute or infectious condition and problems of an urgent nature.

I do not make a charge for healing but would hope for a donation  to go to a charity such as a hospice.