The Flame, a Meditation to assist you during your exploration of the spirit world to keep you safe and secure, also helpful when opening up and closing in a circle.

Find yourself somewhere to sit where you won’t be interrupted where it’s quiet and peaceful.

Become aware of your breathing and follow the pattern of your breath. Breathing in gently through your nose and out through your mouth, do this for a little while until you find your energy is gently changing and you begin to feel at peace with yourself.
Your feet should be firmly on the floor and as you become relaxed and aware of your energy and the ebb and flow of your breath, direct the energy through your feet a beam of pure energy focusing from your feet into the earth’s core, into its very heart the very brightest parts of the earth.

You will begin to feel the consciousness of the Earth its loving power, but benign energy transmuted throughout that is made manifest in life on the earth, you may well become aware of the web of energy flowing through it.
Consciously allow this energy to flow back up through into your feet it then becomes a flame of pure light taking on and transmuting the colours within your aura, the flame expands in your aura and as the colours change you will become aware of how powerful the energy has become around you.
At the base of the flame, the colour is the most beautiful blood red expanding out into your aura at the very edge of the flame is a soft Violet colour so that you have the whole spectrum of light within the flame.

As you become aware of the energy within the flame the very tip of its vibration is reaching into the heart of the consciousness within the universe, the creator, and as you participate in its energy at its centre heaven and earth are connected within you.
And with every breath, you take the power of the flame grows brighter and stronger and as you breathe out the flame expands around you and within you.
You are connected with the consciousness of the universe the flame around you will continue to grow brighter and stronger, it is in your aura, your energy, your connection to the consciousness of the Earth, and the higher consciousness of the Creator linking you together as one. As your awareness grows you will see within the flame a clear light, it may appear as an emptiness or a shaft of nothingness flowing through the flame.
This has been described as the diamond light or the Paramatman the source of all wisdom and pure love.

To create closure after working with the flame, you once more take your awareness to your feet and through the power of intention visualise a trifold golden shield of light building up through your aura from the earth sealing it from all form of negativity, this beautiful light is protecting you by filling your aura with its incorruptible energy.

No matter how many times you do this exercise it will always be different, you may well grow to love working with the flame its energy burns off and clears all negativity raising the vibration of your physical body and clearing your connection to life, strengthening your link to those that work with you from the realms of spirit. It is a wondrous way of working with the love and the light of creation.

This exercise was shown to me by those that work with me from the spirit world, I am sure there are many who already know this as there is nothing new within the teachings of spirit.

Please feel free to pass on this exercise and use it to help others to work more freely within the love of spirit.