Brenda Treadgold Spiritual Artist, Medium & Healer.

I am a registered healer with the Essex Healers Association.

I have been an artist for many decades and use watercolour, oils, acrylic and pencils. I studied with The London Art College and have certificates in Portraiture, Animal, Plants, Flowers & Pet Portraiture.

I have been working with the Spirit world for many years. 

Whilst working with Spirit, I can ‘see’ the images, in my minds eye,
of those who wish to come through, and also aspects of their lives are given to me too, dates, places, names, all sorts of information, some of which is quite bizarre , but I write it all down as it will mean something to the recipient. I produce the drawings in pencil. 

I will need a photo of you (returned) so I may link into spirit and produce a drawing of your guide or loved ones.

Your drawing will be a pencil sketch plus additional written information as relayed to me by your spirit communicator.

Price: £25:00

(Add £5.00 P+P if you require postal service)

For further information please send me an email

with your name and address