About Me

 Born and brought up in east London, when I look back I now realise how often the spirit world has influenced my life from an early age. My earliest memories date back to my first dream experiences, what would happen each night.  I appeared to be woken up by figures dressed in white and taken from my bed to hospital surroundings. I would find myself being lifted up and instructed to place my hands on the person that would be laying on the bed, what would happen next I am not sure, only that often when I woke up I could feel quite tired. I remember seeing faces in patterns on the carpet, curtains or on the wall these always would appear to be animated some would smile, others would make faces at me which could be quite frightening to a young child. During this time I felt I did not belong, in fact for most of my early life I had this feeling and I remember asking to go home as I did not belong here!  I felt homesick even when I was at home with my parents. My father often found me with my head buried in the pillow trying to hide from the images that I was seeing at bedtime. I do not know why I never confided in my parents about what was happening, possibly I thought that this happened to everybody and it was normal to see such things.  The home I grew up in was full of spirit and my family were aware that certain rooms had different atmospheres. The property we lived in was owned by my grandparents and my mother had grown up in this house. My mother said that as a child there were some rooms in the house where she would not stay in by herself. I saw spirit until puberty and then it all faded away from my memory until I experienced difficulties in life.    When I was about 32, I was working in Hackney, I was prompted to visit a healer ‘Leo Bias’ because I was in continuous discomfort, within weeks of starting the healing sessions I was experiencing a spiritual awareness similar to my childhood experiences. It would appear that my going for healing reawakened my connection to the spirit world and of course my curiosity. After receiving regular healing for about a year, I visited in the late seventies Billericay Spiritualist Church which was based then in the reading rooms in the High Street. Once I started to attend the church I received regular encouragement from spirit regarding my connection to the spirit world and where they thought it might take me. Not long after I started to attend the church I was invited to join a home circle in Billericay. It has been a long and fruitful journey, not without its extreme difficulties, challenges and much more! I now understand that it is life’s experiences that help us to grow and develop.    My Journey continues with its rich pageant of life and changing adventures taking me forward onto the next phase in life.